Mini Dessert Soap Challenge

To be honest, I was only a little excited to do this challenge.  The thought of making soap without a beautiful swirl or mica line seemed weird.  But I did it anyway and had the best time!  This challenge was fun, adorable and artistic all in one.  And the only obstacle was my 4 year old and 2 year old trying to eat my dessert soaps thinking they were a treat.  🙂


I made a Strawberry Shortcake, Key Lime Pie, Tiramisu Cup and a Tiffany inspired Wedding Cake.  I used both cold process and melt and pour.  The strawberries for my shortcake were made using Cee’s  melt & pour fondant recipe and my kid’s Play Doh mold that had a strawberry in it.  The food I used was colloidal oatmeal in my cold process soap.  The melt and pour soap in my desserts are the bow on the wedding cake, the chocolate cup and garnish on the tiramisu cup and the strawberries and strawberry glaze on my shortcake.

The Strawberry Shortcake was my first completed dessert.  The melt and pour started to sweat after a few days.  What a bummer.  But I made a shortcake (cold process) with lots of oatmeal and some brown pigment to make it as real as possible.  I made the strawberries out of melt and pour fondant soap and pressed that into the Play Doh mold.  I sliced up the “shortcake”, added a layer of cp soap “cream”, layered some strawberries and drizzled the melt and pour glaze on top.  And repeated a second layer.


And next came the Key Lime Pie.  I added lots of oatmeal to the crust of the pie.  Added a layer of key lime goodness scented with lime essential oil and topped it off with whipped cream and a lime slice, also scented with lime essential oil.  This mini dessert is all cold process soap.


The Tiramisu Cup was an idea from Pinterest.  I had a mold to create the melt and pour chocolate cup that I colored with cocoa powder and scented with Brambleberry’s Turkish Mocha FO.  I used my shortbread soap as the lady fingers, made a cold process soap cream, dusted with more cocoa powder and garnished with more melt and pour soap.  It is truly a decadent piece of soap.


Lastly, my Tiffany inspired Wedding Cake.  Again, a Pinterest idea.  I made a slab mold of teal cp soap and added some oatmeal.  I used a cookie cutter to cut the 3 layers from the slab.  Put the cake together with some white cp soap frosting and topped it with a melt and pour bow.


This challenge was a total blast!  It really pushed me to think outside the soap bar box and
Stephanie Wolff

Spinning Swirl Soap Challenge…….Gah!!!!

Hello friends!  My name is Stephanie and I am from Chelsea, Michigan.  I am a stay at home Mom of 3 littles, ages 4, 2 1/2 & 1!! Crazy, I know!  And I have been soapmaking for about 3 years now.  This year I decided to try using more colorants & micas and my soap has become a bit of an artistic expression.  I am really enjoying learning new techniques and this challenge has been a good learning experience!

This is my first soap challenge and I have been pretty nervous and obsessing over it.  It’s crazy how you get a game plan all in your head, set out your colors in order of the pour you want and it gets all jumbled up at about the 4th pour.  You are just trying to get all the batter in your mold at that point so you can spin before it thickens up too much on you!  Good gravy it is just nuts!  This is my second batch and I almost did a third but I thought a third batch would fry my brain for sure!

I used a FO called Energy from Brambleberry, micas from Mad Oils and a very slow-moving recipe.  When I picked my FO & colors I was hoping to go for a very retro looking soap.  But it took a totally different turn….

When I popped the soap out of my cardboard box mold, the song Intergalactic by The Beastie Boys popped into my head.


I loved it so much I didn’t want to cut it.  I am pretty pleased with the swirl and it smells awesome!  I am so glad I did this challenge!  It has pushed me on a few different levels and I am eager to join another challenge!  Thank you for checking me out!  Good luck soapers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!







Burlap Banner for the Holidays


1 roll of burlap garland (I bought mine at Joann’s)
Acrylic paint
Paint brush
Rotary cutter or scissors
Glue gun
Cotton yarn for hanging
Freezer paper
Iron and ironing board


I started by printed out my letters on regular printer paper and hung them up on my fireplace.  I wanted to make sure the font choice and size were appropriate for my fireplace mantle.

2014-09-04 09.27.08                   2014-09-04 09.29.16

When you get it looking how you want, cut out the letters from the printer paper and traced those letter on the freezer paper with the wax side down. Then cut each letter out of the freezer paper and set it aside to iron on to the burlap.

2014-09-04 18.22.40                   2014-09-05 09.32.29

Roll out and cut 8 1/2″ strips from the burlap using scissors or a ruler, rotary cutter and mat for all your letters.  I made a template to cut each flag because that was easiest for me.  The template is 8 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ and the triangle cut at the bottom is 2″.  Cut each flag before ironing on the letters so you get the same height and center to each letter.  Place each freezer paper stencil to your prepared piece of burlap wax side down.  Center the letter at about 2″ above the flag point.  Use your iron, at medium or Cotton heat setting and iron on the paper to the burlap.  Press and move your iron until your stencil is secure.  Repeat for all your letters.
2014-09-05 09.37.05                     2014-09-05 16.44.12-1

Bust out your paint and brush and generously apply the paint to your stenciled burlap.  I used small paper plates under each flag so I didn’t make a mess on my table.  Let them dry over night and then peel off the freezer paper.
2014-09-06 07.48.48

Fold over the top of each flag about 1/2″ on the back of the flag and heat up your glue gun.  Attached the cotton yarn, twine or rope of choice on one side with the glue and press over the fold with scissor tips to make sure the glue goes through the burlap on both sides.  Scissor tips work great because you can peel the extra glue off and you don’t burn your fingertips off.  Lesson learned on that one.  Stretched the yard to the other side of your flag and glue that edge down.  Fold over and glue the middle of the flag in the same fashion.  Space your next flag 2″ from the previous flag and attach with the glue gun.
2014-09-06 11.04.29                        2014-09-06 11.24.26

You are done!  Hang that sucker up and enjoy how beautiful it is!!!!

2014-09-06 12.59.40FullSizeRender

What I’ve been up to

The past year has been uber whackadoodle!!!!  So here is a quick breakdown of what’s been going on.

1.  Got pregnant…..for the third time.

2.  We put our home on the market because it was too small for our growing family.  Our realtor told us it would take a few months to sell.  We had an accepted offer 3 days after listing the property.

3.  Found a home in a new town and were in contract with the sellers.  Everything goes peachy with the inspections but are asked to hold off on closing on the home for a couple months while the owner finds a new place to live.  Meanwhile, we are homeless, pregnant, living with my Mom and crabby.  Oh and our loan took an additional 2 more months on top of that so our closing was extended even further out.  About 2 months before my due date to be exact.  Yikes right?

4.  Move into our new-to-us home, unpacked, painted and are all cozy with time to kill before our son is to be born.  I did all of this in a couple of weeks pretty big and pregnant.  Then the kitchen remodel started…….YEP, 2 months before my due date.

5.  Our son Benjamin, “Banjo or Been Jammin or Bacon (whichever you prefer)” was born the day before my induction in a crazy, fast 2 1/2 hour labor.  That will be a post for another time because it is just too awesome to squeeze in here.  Yes, kitchen remodel is still happening at this point and our dining room had our refrigerator and a gas oven sitting in the middle of it.  It was a good time.

10346379_641080912653378_1765258218377756631_n  6.  Kitchen remodel is finally done….for the most part.  Life has calmed down and we are back to acting like a normal family.  Well, as normal as we can be anyway.

So I’m back getting my ‘for Vera’ Etsy shop back up and running and getting back to this website.  I’m trying a new project called A Year of Making.   I will be posting lots of fun things that I will be trying over the next year.   It’s awesome, life is awesome and it’s good to be back.

Knit Boot Cuffs……..the Dickies collar of footwear.

My sister asked me to knit her some boot cuffs to sport with her boots this fall/winter season.  I giggled as I searched for some ideas and potential pattern options for said cuffs.  And I figured this cuff would look pretty cool.  Silly concept but still fun.


Needles:  size US 8 16″ circular needles & US 8 cable needle or dpn (for 6 stitch cable)

Material:  I used Lion Brand Cotton Ease yarn.  I LOVE cotton yarn.

Cast on 48 (small), 56 (medium) or 64 (large) and join placing stitch marker.

Work (k2, p2) rib pattern for 4 rows.  Then work the following pattern.

Rows 1-5: (k6, p2)

Row 6: (C6F, p2) [See pattern for c6f below]

Rows 7-9: (k6, p2)

Repeat this pattern 3 times.  Then bind off & weave in ends.   Make 2.

C6F Pattern:  What is it?  A left twisting cable stitch using, you guessed it, 6 stitches.  Super duper easy and so so pretty.


  • Begin by slipping 3 stitches to the cable needle and bring the cable needle with its 3 stitches towards you.
  • Move the needle to the front of the work for C6F (see image above). Let the needle just chill there, you don’t need to hold it.


  • Knit the next 3 stitches from the left-hand needle.


  • Slide your stitches on your circular needle over so you don’t lose them! Yikes!
  • Pick up the cable needle with your left hand, and without twisting it, knit the 3 stitches from the cable needle.


  • Put down the cable needle, pick up the left-hand circular needle and knit remaining pattern.  Yup, that’s it!  Pretty sweet huh?

Your finished product should look like this!


Hope you love them!  I know my sister will!!!!

The bag that sent me to the ER!

I love sewing and love bags even more so when I saw a class on Craftsy on how to make this adorable tote, I was hooked!  I feel in L.O.V.E. with this bag and had to learn how to make it!!!  Well big mistake because after I whipped up bag #3, I ended up in the ER with back spasms from being hunched over my sewing machine.  For 2 weeks straight!  Oh and running around taking care of my 2 little ones I am sure didn’t help any.  Oh well 🙂  Worth every stinking painful moment!

Bag #2, which is now my everyday bag! LOVE!!!!!

IMG_4029    IMG_4037  IMG_4030

Here is the bag I stopped working on before my ER randevu:


Pretty awesome right?  Ugh I can’t wait to finish it!!!!

Here is the link to the class:  Quilt As You Go Patchwork Bags