Burlap Banner for the Holidays


1 roll of burlap garland (I bought mine at Joann’s)
Acrylic paint
Paint brush
Rotary cutter or scissors
Glue gun
Cotton yarn for hanging
Freezer paper
Iron and ironing board


I started by printed out my letters on regular printer paper and hung them up on my fireplace.  I wanted to make sure the font choice and size were appropriate for my fireplace mantle.

2014-09-04 09.27.08                   2014-09-04 09.29.16

When you get it looking how you want, cut out the letters from the printer paper and traced those letter on the freezer paper with the wax side down. Then cut each letter out of the freezer paper and set it aside to iron on to the burlap.

2014-09-04 18.22.40                   2014-09-05 09.32.29

Roll out and cut 8 1/2″ strips from the burlap using scissors or a ruler, rotary cutter and mat for all your letters.  I made a template to cut each flag because that was easiest for me.  The template is 8 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ and the triangle cut at the bottom is 2″.  Cut each flag before ironing on the letters so you get the same height and center to each letter.  Place each freezer paper stencil to your prepared piece of burlap wax side down.  Center the letter at about 2″ above the flag point.  Use your iron, at medium or Cotton heat setting and iron on the paper to the burlap.  Press and move your iron until your stencil is secure.  Repeat for all your letters.
2014-09-05 09.37.05                     2014-09-05 16.44.12-1

Bust out your paint and brush and generously apply the paint to your stenciled burlap.  I used small paper plates under each flag so I didn’t make a mess on my table.  Let them dry over night and then peel off the freezer paper.
2014-09-06 07.48.48

Fold over the top of each flag about 1/2″ on the back of the flag and heat up your glue gun.  Attached the cotton yarn, twine or rope of choice on one side with the glue and press over the fold with scissor tips to make sure the glue goes through the burlap on both sides.  Scissor tips work great because you can peel the extra glue off and you don’t burn your fingertips off.  Lesson learned on that one.  Stretched the yard to the other side of your flag and glue that edge down.  Fold over and glue the middle of the flag in the same fashion.  Space your next flag 2″ from the previous flag and attach with the glue gun.
2014-09-06 11.04.29                        2014-09-06 11.24.26

You are done!  Hang that sucker up and enjoy how beautiful it is!!!!

2014-09-06 12.59.40FullSizeRender


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