Mini Dessert Soap Challenge

To be honest, I was only a little excited to do this challenge.  The thought of making soap without a beautiful swirl or mica line seemed weird.  But I did it anyway and had the best time!  This challenge was fun, adorable and artistic all in one.  And the only obstacle was my 4 year old … Continue reading Mini Dessert Soap Challenge


Spinning Swirl Soap Challenge…….Gah!!!!

Hello friends!  My name is Stephanie and I am from Chelsea, Michigan.  I am a stay at home Mom of 3 littles, ages 4, 2 1/2 & 1!! Crazy, I know!  And I have been soapmaking for about 3 years now.  This year I decided to try using more colorants & micas and my soap has … Continue reading Spinning Swirl Soap Challenge…….Gah!!!!